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Special properties are not useless!

Safety or fire doors are offered by everybody but their properties are often declared on paper only. How to recognise true processing?

Certification by an independent testing laboratory

All fire, smoke-proof and safety SAPELI doors are certified by the accredited testing laboratory.

Testing in the real environment

We perform testing in our own and state testing laboratory. Due to this we know that our doors will stop the fire for 33 minutes whereas many others for 5 minutes only. They will also resist burglars, humidity or smoke.

5-year guarantee on the entire door

Our doors will last much longer. We test them on 200,000 openings which corresponds to 25 years of operation. They often withstand even half a million openings.

We create with our heart and mind

We manufacture the doors that we want to have at home. We do not set low targets. We still develop new improvements.

SAPELI doors will withstand even operation in hospitals or offices

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Frequent questions

I want to replace the entrance door of my apartment. Shall I also replace the doorframe or can I fit the door in the old doorframe?

We cannot answer your question unequivocally. It depends on the dimensions of existing doorframes. If the apartment is really old, e.g. from the beginning of the 20th century, it is possible that the new door does not fit in the existing doorframe. On the contrary, in panel buildings, the standardized dimensions of doorframes were already used so it would be possible to use the old doorframe. However, it is necessary to carefully measure everything to avoid disappointment. The ideal solution is to replace the door and doorframe together. In this way you will get a perfectly functional set that is balanced with regard to aesthetics too. In any case we recommend the use of specialized services of installation companies for the installation of any new doorframes.

Are there any rules regarding the option of opening of apartment entrance doors? Should they open inwards or outwards?

Apartment entrance doors should always open inwards. It is due to safety reasons (in the case of fire, the rescuers can get inside easier if the door opens inwards) but also for a logical reason - if opening outwards, passing persons might be hurt. Even though outwards opening could save you some space, you should always choose opening inside the apartment. It is different with interior doors. The decision here is up to you and you have to think carefully with regard to the future position of the apartment - furniture arrangement, switch placement, etc.

How do I recognize safety doors?

Quality safety doors must meet the strictest technical criteria and have relevant certificates and attestations available. The necessary property of modern safety doors is their fire, noise and smoke resistance. In practice, the most frequent doors with fire resistance are of EI 30 minutes. In apartment houses, fire properties of entrance doors are given directly by the law, therefore it is impossible to replace existing doors with safety non-fireproof doors.

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