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Everything about doors 2. Use and placement Entrance doors

Do you know that SAPELI entrance doors...

...can be completed by fire resistance and soundproofing?

...can be provided with a different surface finish on each side?

...can have even a non-rabbeted design?

...will save money for you thanks to the programme Green for Savings?

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to fit SAPELI entrance doors in existing metallic doorframes?

We recommend that you replace the entire set, which will provide you with trouble-free operation for the entire period of durability. If the apartment is really old, e.g. from the beginning of the 20th century, it is possible that the new door will not fit in the existing doorframe. On the contrary, in panel buildings, the standardized dimensions of doorframes were already used so it would be possible to use the old doorframe. However, it is necessary to carefully measure everything to avoid disappointment. The ideal solution is to replace the door and doorframe together. In this way you will get a perfectly functional set which is balanced with regard to aesthetics too. In any case we recommend the use of specialized services of installation companies for the installation of any new doorframes.

Are there any rules of the option of opening of apartment entrance doors? Should they open inwards or outwards?

Apartment entrance doors should always open inwards. It is due to safety reasons (in case of a fire the rescuers can get inside easier if the door opens inwards) but also for a logical reason: if the door opens outwards, passing persons might be hurt. Even though opening outwards could save you some space, you should always choose a door that opens inwards into the apartment. It is different with interior doors. The decision here is up to you and you have to think carefully with regard to the future layout of the apartment - furniture arrangement, switch placement, etc.

Is it really necessary to use only a metallic doorframe for the entrance door?

The doorframe of the entrance door can also be wooden but such a doorframe does not have safety parameters.

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