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Our approach to design

Since its introduction in 2019, the MUTEO door has won a number of important international design awards, one of the very first of which was the coveted Red Dot. It has also taken top honours in competitions such as the International Design Award, the A´Design Award, the European Product Design Award, and the German Design Award. It is the first Czech product in history to win the prestigious German Innovation Award.

A profile evoking the letter Z 

A patented system intended for the most discerning of clients, the dominant Z profile of MUTEO means both sides of the door blend in seamlessly with the interior. 

A revolutionary door that will surprise you 

MUTEO comprises two panels joined via a central element. The door is revolutionary in that the leaf and the handle have become one. It can serve either as a bold interior design statement or remain inconspicuous as it closes flush with the wall. 

M.A.G. magnetic lock

We took the original purely mechanical lock and transformed it into M.A.G. This state-of-the-art device is manufactured using modern digital printing technology, and its sophisticated design comprises a minimum of parts concealed beneath an elegant cover. The absence of any protrusive elements means the edge of the door is flawlessly smooth.  

A patented solution blending the door and handle into a single element.

A gentle push or pull, and MUTEO opens all on its own.

Children no longer have to reach up for a handle. They simply give a little push, and voila.

The door maximizes the combination of a wooden handrail and glass to give the interior a new dimension and lots of light.


We consider the base MUTEO model to be an important study in contemporary design. It has led to the introduction of other interesting models and products that are wholly unique in the world of doors and interior design.

Thanks to its sculpturesque design, MUTEO can easily become the dominant feature of any interior. But it can also blend in with the wall. You decide. The unique profile reminiscent of the letter Z brings the door leaf and handle together in a single element, but it also adds depth and dimension. The immense diversity of available decors for the various parts means each door is an absolute original. 

The idea of opening a door without a handle arose from an exclusive and purely mechanical lock. With its technical sophistication and attractive design, the lock is a gem of the MUTEO system and is unlike any other hardware on the interior door market. The lock is the basis of the magnetic variant known as M.A.G.


A distinctive glazed variant of the revolutionary MUTEO door with special hinges for tempered glass, which gives the door remarkable strength and durability. Luxurious by its very nature, glass fills the interior with light and imparts a sense of purity. TONALE is fitted with a minimalistic magnetic lock by the renowned German manufacturer Simonswerk.

The considerable variability of finishes on the middle section allows us to match any interior right down to the last detail. This year too, the iconic MUTEO door, which is the result of years of collaboration with industrial designer Petr Novague, has expanded its collection of honours with another prestigious Red Dot Design Award, this time for the glazed model MUTEO TONALE.

With a wooden handrail in the shape of the letter Z, the door effortlessly combines wood and glass to bring light and a new depth to the interior. Glass is a contemporary, versatile material with just the right spark inside. The TONALE door offers a wide selection of glass types, such as the popular Satinato white with modern antiscratch finish or the crystalline purity of Diamant extra clear. 


A partially glazed MUTEO model making use of the new fully magnetic M.A.G. lock, which was engineered at the SAPELI development centre. The handrail and narrower part of the leaf are crafted from wood.

Glazing gives MUTEO doors a certain lightness. FORTE is but one of the glazed models offered in the unique MUTEO line. In this case, the glass extends to the middle of the door and the Z-shaped handrail, while the rest of the door is made of wood. This allows the use of the exclusive M.A.G. lock, while the edge of the door gives the impression of greater durability and resistance to damage. 

The design possibilities offered by this solution are fundamental. Depending on your choice of decor for the wooden section, the door can be made to blend in with the wall, leaving the crystalline beauty of the glass to stand out. Or you might go for a bold wood decor that subdues the glass and brings about a more harmonious union of these two natural materials.

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APPENA brings the idea of handleless doors to a broader spectrum of clients by offering a modern nonrebated solution, a distinctive and functional design element in the form of an exclusive handle, swing and sliding opening systems, and a wide range of options for individualization.

The large selection of decors is one of the key advantages of APPENA. Choose from basic CPL, paint, and premium veneer finishes. APPENA doors are nonrebated and use premium SAPTEC 340 hinges. In addition to the conventional swing opening system, we also offer a sliding variant mounted either on the wall with a traditional pelmet and the minimalistic sliding system aptly named MINIMA. There is also a sliding pocket door variant. For an exclusive touch, you can have the edges hand painted in the RAL colour of your choice. 

The APPENA line comprises three plain and three glazed models. The designs feature a special aluminium handrail in various lengths. Choose a full-length handrail, or have it begin at the top or bottom of the door and extend to two thirds the length of the door leaf. The handrail can also be individualized with custom RAL paint. The glazed models feature frame construction, thus the doors are entirely free of glazing trim pieces. 

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