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Surface quality can be discovered by true testing only

How do you recognize quality material?

Resistance to chemicals

Your doors can be in contact not only with water. We also test doors on alcohol, acetone, degreaser, coffee, oil, ink, tea, wine or different disinfectants...

Resistance to abrasion

Not only people but also impacts of objects or pets stress doors. We test scratching, cutting, abrasion and other mechanical stress.

Resistance to UV radiation

The impact of sunshine can affect some doors quite badly. But not ours. We expose doors to UV radiation corresponding to 15 years of direct sunshine.

Resistance to humidity

It is worthwhile to choose a really resistant surface for the bathroom or swimming pool. We test watering and the wet environment for a long period.

SAPELI is also used by many companies where doors are put through a rough time. And they know why

Frequently asked questions

How do I best match the door with the other elements of the interior, such as the floor, walls, windows?

Doors are one of the dominant parts of any interior. Therefore, the selection of their finish will have a vast influence on the overall feel of the room. You should definitely consider the colour and material of the door, especially in relation to the floor and walls, and also the furniture and windows. Matching your door to the rest of the interior is generally a matter of personal taste, however, we may recommend two approaches: select similar, but not absolutely identical colour tones for your door and flooring. Put the door and the flooring into a colour contrast, i.e. select a darker door and lighter flooring. Of course, the reverse combination is also a possible option. If your furniture or flooring feature a distinctive pattern, select a door with a rather subtle pattern, and vice versa. Less may be more sometimes; try not to over-decorate your interior and do not combine more than two types of colour tones or wood. The colour of the door should also consider the size of the interior. Generally, lighter shades extend the interior optically, on the other hand, dark colours may optically shrink it.

What door finish should I choose so that the door is scratch resistant? I have a dog in my flat.

Presently, you do not need to worry about scratches with most of the finishes in our offer. We use, e.g., 4-layers of lacquer on veneer, which is enough to prevent scratches from your dog or playful children. Our HPL, CPL, or Sapdecor synthetic finishes are also dog- and child-proof :-)

How do I maintain the door?

For SAPELI surface maintenance generally use the available mild detergents intended for such surfaces (veneer = wood, HPL, CPL, Sapdecor = laminate, etc.). SAPELI offers you special detergents with which you will definitely not make any mistake when maintaining SAPELI doors.

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