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Everything about doors 7. Surface, materials Wooden veneer

Do you know that…

...veneers are divided into 4 price groups according to the availability of natural sources - Standard, Comfort, Premium and Exclusive?

...we offer you all veneers from this group in horizontal and vertical orientation?

...our veneer doors are treated with 4 layers of UV varnish, which provides them with colour stability and resistance to chemicals?

...in our test they resisted a marker pen, wax crayon, technical spirit, SAVO and abrasive cleanser?

Frequently asked questions

Can I use veneer as the surface material in the bathroom?

Yes, you can, however we recommend choosing the higher level of door climatic treatment.

Which material is the most suitable in an apartment with little children?

These days, you do not have to be worried about scratches or damage to doors by children with most of surfaces we offer. E.g. we use quadruple varnish on veneer which can protect the surface from damage in the event of incidental contact of toys with the doors.

Which surface material is more resistant? Veneer or laminate?

Both laminate and veneer meet standard demands for resistance with regard to regular household use. In the case of higher load of doors we recommend rather artificial material, i.e. laminate, mainly HPL, so called high pressure laminate.

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