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Not everyone is able to make 95,000 door handles and take out 115 patents per year

That is why we solely use Czech door hardware of M&T. How do you recognize quality door hardware?

The guarantee up to 15 years, quality materials and processing

During the guarantee period we do not question the reason for a complaint - you will get a new one right away.

Prestigious Red Dot Design Award

M&T door handles are exceptional in the world scale too - and due to this they were awarded the current most prestigious designer prize.

100% Czech manual production

All M&T hardware is manufactured in the Czech Republic in the family factory below the Orlické hory mountains.

100% service and spare parts

M&T stocks all parts for all door hardware which was ever manufactured - so you can be sure that we always take good care of your door handle.

Frequently asked questions

Is there any difference in the quality of components made of aluminium, stainless steel or brass? Do some of them last longer?

In general, aluminium as the material with low resistance is used for the production of cheap door handles, more expensive door handles are manufactured from brass and their surface is of different colours. The most resistant material is naturally stainless steel. Be wary of cheap substitutes of brass as e.g. ZAMAC material with low resistance which many manufacturers use to replace expensive and quality brass. You would not find ZAMAC in our assortment.

Why do some parts become "scratched" over time and are dichromatic?

This problem does not occur with stainless door handles. It occurs with the door handles cast from brass or zamac with surface finish in different colours and then re-varnished. Surface varnish becomes damaged over time, e.g. scratches caused by rings and the door handle starts oxidising - it looks dichromatic. This relates to the door handles with the surface finish of glossy brass - we do not recommend these at all.

Which door hardware should I use for the apartment entrance door?

Safety door hardware should be of at least the same class of safety as the door, so it is ideal to have it by one safety class higher and made of resistant stainless material. Do not forget that any good safety door hardware is pointless without a quality safety lock cylinder. It is the weakest safety element therefore it should be one safety class higher than the door.

We are here just for you

Why Sapeli?


taught us to make really good doors

20countries throughout the world

know SAPELI, but our home is in the Czech Republic

150thousand doors every year

All of them custom made

25 years

tested lifetime of our doors and components

Our innovative SAPELI Muteo door has won
eight prestigious international design awards