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You will open the door up to 200,000 times.
Hinges must last.

How to find quality hinges?

They are thoroughly tested - for at least 25 years

You do not buy doors every day - and you for sure do not want to replace them expensively in five years. We test our hinges on 200,000 openings and closings - this corresponds to 25 years of use. However, when testing, most of our components withstood even twice as much.

They are anchored in a frame of solid wood

At SAPELI, we reinforce the door frame with additional rails and due to this our hinges have unique durability and resistance. Anchoring in poor material means that the door slightly droops or even tears off.

Their surface is covered by Teflon = they are silent

Teflon reduces friction, minimizes wear and tear and ensures that black dust will not be falling down from worn metal

They can be adjusted in all directions and maintained easily.

One drop of special oil applied to SAPELI hinges once a year is sufficient. Due to the adjustment in 3 directions you will easily secure 100% fitting - the door will fit accurately and tightly.

Frequently asked questions

Why do some handles gradually "exfoliate" and become two-coloured?

This problem does not arise with stainless-steel handles, but rather with handles cast from brass or Zamac, surface treated in various colours and subsequently lacquered. Over time, the surface lacquer becomes damaged, for example, by being scratched by rings, and the handle starts to oxidise under the lacquer - it appears two-coloured. This is especially typical for handles with a bright brass surface finish - and these we definitely do not recommend.

Does security hardware have varying levels of security as do doors?

Yes, various types of hardware with varying levels of security exist.

We are here just for you

Why Sapeli?


taught us to make really good doors

20countries throughout the world

know SAPELI, but our home is in the Czech Republic

150thousand doors every year

All of them custom made

25 years

tested lifetime of our doors and components

Our innovative SAPELI Muteo door has won
eight prestigious international design awards