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They must be opening properly even in 25 years time

A door from a DIY store often lasts barely 5 years. How to find out about quality opening?

Testing on 200,000 openings

The recommended standard is to test 100,000 openings but most manufacturers do not manage even this. In SAPELI we test 200,000 openings which corresponds to 25-year operation. Test on opening durability

Quality hinges

Doors hold and revolve on hinges. We use Czech hinges only which are fastened in a frame of solid wood. This stops tearing out.

Coverage of frictional surfaces with Teflon

It is the same Teflon which stops burning on a pan. It reduces friction and increases hinges' durability. All SAPELI doors are provided with hinges with Teflon.

True testing in real operation

No estimations or computer simulations. At SAPELI, we test doors as they are really used. We are the only manufacturer that has built its own testing laboratory.

SAPELI doors will withstand even operation in hospitals or offices

Frequently asked questions

May construction pockets for sliding doors also be integrated into structural walls of detached houses?

Yes, construction pockets for sliding doors may even be built into structural walls, there is no problem with it. It is only necessary to place a load bearing beam to carry the necessary load. Nevertheless, make sure that the beam is in each partition as the construction pocket is not a load bearing structure. Alternatively, you may also choose to use a wall-mounted sliding door. For its installation, no construction pocket has to be integrated into the wall. This option is much simpler and usually requires no demolition works. There is, however, the disadvantage that the door requires some free space along the respective wall, where it is not possible therefore to, e.g., hang a picture, etc. Still, sliding or lamella doors are an excellent solution, especially when the interior only provides a little space for the installation of classical hinged doors. The offered solutions are not only useful but also stylish, thus forming a fully adequate alternative to classical hinged doors. You may choose from one or two-leaved versions of sliding doors. A number of various "gadgets" are also available, such as closing synchronisation (for two-leaved doors), automatic closing, or quiet end stop.

Are there any rules regarding the option of opening apartment entrance doors? Should they open inwards or outwards?

Apartment entrance doors should always open inwards. This is due to safety reasons (in the case of fire, the rescuers can get inside easier if the door opens inwards) but also for a logical reason – if opening outwards, passing persons might be hurt. Even though externally opening doors could save you some space, you should always choose internal opening doors inside the apartment. It is different with interior doors. The decision here is up to you and you, yet you have to think carefully with regard to the future position of the apartment – furniture arrangement, switch placement, etc.

What is the brickwork opening for pockets?

The size of the construction cavity for installing the door into the casing depends on the casing option which is chosen with regard to single-wing doors or two-wing doors, and on the type of door shift (opposite shift/shift to alignment/cascaded shift). Last but not least, the partition thickness also matters. You can see more on the page All about pocket sliding doors.

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