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The guarantees are not identical. The same applies to services

You will buy the door to last decades. The manufacturers must be reliable for all that time. How do you recognize quality service?

Almost 100 years of history and tradition

The roots of the Czech SAPELI doors date back to the last century and we still build on the fundamental pillars of quality and satisfaction of our customers.

We guarantee our work

We test the resistance of all doors. With regard to door panels, structure and hinges and their strength as well.

100% Czech manual production

In SAPELI, we are proud of the Czech door production placed in the heart of Vysočina.

Frequently asked questions

How much does the installation of a door cost?

We very much appreciate qualified and quality companies installing SAPELI doors. We regularly train the assemblers of Sapeli Partners and they are the holders of the certificate of SAPELI doors assembly. Pay attention to unqualified installation which can result in non-working doors and door frames not being as you wish. Actual prices might differ according to the particular order or region depending on the intensity of labour on new doors.

We are here just for you

Infoline +420 567 572 524

We are on the phone right now

Why Sapeli?


taught us to make really good doors

20countries throughout the world

know SAPELI, but our home is in the Czech Republic

150thousand doors every year

All of them custom made

25 years

tested lifetime of our doors and components

Our innovative SAPELI Muteo door has won
eight prestigious international design awards