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Doorframes must hold. And last

In 100 years of their production we already know something about that. How do you recognize quality doorframes?

Opposite sheet metal is anchored directly in the door jamb.

The latch bolt goes in the opposite sheet metal - the resistance of the door depends on its resistance. We always do anchoring in the door jamb - it is the strongest solution (compared to anchoring in the doorframe lining).

The strength is tested by the impact of the weight of 30-50 kg

No simulations - we test real doors. In our own laboratory and in the state laboratory - as the only manufacturer on the market.

The widest offer of doorframes on the market

As the only manufacturer we can produce the doorframes of almost all 200 materials which we use for door manufacturing. And all these in 7 models.

Easy installation and 5-year guarantee

Every handyman can manage our doorframes and doors. But the best thing is professional installation - this is how you can get a 5-year guarantee (the longest one on the market).

Frequently asked questions

Should we face metal doorframes or knock them down?

It depends on whether there are metallic doorframes in the interior or at the apartment entrance. Sapeli is number one on the market with regard to lining of metallic interior doorframes without construction works. If you wish to have the safety entrance door in your apartment, we mostly recommend removing old doorframes and fitting the building opening with new safety doorframes.

We have an old entrance door and the draught going through it is quite bad. What should I do?

In such case it is worthwhile to replace the door and reduce heating costs of your household.

How to treat doorframes?

For treating SAPELI door and doorframes surfaces use regularly available gentle detergents which are designated for these surfaces (veneer=wood, HPL, CPL, Sapdecor = laminate, etc.). In SAPELI, you can buy special detergents which do not harm your SAPELI doors and doorframes when treating them.

We are here just for you

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Why Sapeli?


taught us to make really good doors

20countries throughout the world

know SAPELI, but our home is in the Czech Republic

150thousand doors every year

All of them custom made

25 years

tested lifetime of our doors and components

Our innovative SAPELI Muteo door has won
eight prestigious international design awards