Everything about doors 5. Opening system Swing doors

Do you know that SAPELI swing doors...

...are left and right depending on where the hinges are when opening the door towards you?

...are manufactured as one-wing or two-wing doors?

...are offered in modern rabbet-free design?

...can also have reversible opening?

Frequently asked questions

You can identify the door orientation simply. Approach the door so that it opens towards you. If the door opens to the right (hinges are on the right side), it is a right door. If the door opens to the left (hinges are on the left side), it is a left door.

The number of fitted hinges depends on the width and height of a door, on the hinges used or on the type of the doorframe for fitting the door.

The standard width of a SAPELI door is 4 cm but we also manufacture wider doors due to the special properties which are required by our customer more frequently.

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