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Everything about doors 2. Use and placement Climatic doors

Do you know that climatic doors SAPELI...

...of level II and III have a special treatment so the humidity does not get inside the doors?

...of level II and III contain the special structure with the aluminium layer?

...can be used for both household and technical rooms?

...can be made as full doors only to maintain the "climatic" property?

Frequently asked questions

How can I verify that my door really has increased climatic resistance?

The new standard defines the "climatic" resistance of A, B, C. Each door is resistant at A level. Increased resistance B and C must be given on the door plate which you can usually find on the vertical side (at hinges).

Who can measure outside and internal humidity to find out which category I should choose?

Refer to the designer of your construction with your request. It is necessary to measure different humidity during the winter period by hygrometers over a longer period to get objective data.

How much can I save per year?

There is no simple formula for such calculation. It depends on many circumstances which define saving. For example the difference in temperatures between two rooms.

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