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Everything about doors 2. Use and placement Smoke-proof doors

Do you know that SAPELI smoke-proof doors...

...will resist smoke with the temperature of up to 200°C?

...do not have to be fire doors?

...can even be glazed?

Frequently asked questions

Are the fire doors also smoke-proof?

If you wish your SAPELI fire door to also be smoke-proof, you have to order it; such combination is not automatic.

How can I verify that my door is smoke-proof?

The smoke-proof door must be provided with a mechanical threshold; the compulsory plate placed on the vertical side (near hinges) must contain an S and a service book.

Why should I acquire a fire door that is smoke-proof? Is it not the same?

Most deaths in fires are not caused by burning but by suffocation. This is a very strong argument when considering the purchase of a smoke-proof fire door.

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