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Everything about doors 2. Use and placement Lagging doors

Do you know that SAPELI lagging doors...

...protect from draught, if provided with a mechanical threshold?

...can be in the same design as other doors, including the doorframe?

...are also used in cold stores and freezing chambers?

...reduce heating/cooling costs?

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between thermo and climatic doors? Which door should I choose for between two rooms with different temperatures?

Climatic doors effectively separate the rooms with different conditions with regard to humidity. The doors with higher climatic resistance are made of stronger shells with an aluminium layer. Thermo doors with the special structure are resistant mainly to different temperatures and are suitable for use in the Green for Saving programme.

How can I use the Green for Saving programme when buying SAPELI doors?

We have developed the special thermo doors for the Green for Saving programme which have the resistance of 0.84 m2 K/W. Because the rules of the programme have been permanently changing we recommend that you follow the conditions of withdrawal from funds of the Green for Saving programme on the official web site of the programme.

What is it the mechanical threshold?

The mechanical threshold automatically ejects when the door closes and it is used for sealing the space between a door wing and the floor without the necessity to use a standard or other threshold.

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